So what are we doing at Phillips Direct to reduce the impact that plastic is having on the planet and on our health?

Our Plastic Transformation
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Most of the products we manufacture are made using recyclable plastics and we have created innovative ranges like the POD (print on demand) range that allows companies to reuse the same products with different inserts to cut down on plastic waste.

We also provide a free discovery session with our designer who is passionate about redesigning existing or new products in more sustainable materials.

A great example of this was a Customer who approached us to redesign a piece of single use packaging for military headsets. Each headset packaging consisted of several pieces of unrecyclable plastic.

Our design team put their heads together and came up with a new product made solely of cardboard to replace the original product. Not only was this cheaper for the customer, but it has certainly helped to reduce their carbon footprint.

Get in Touch

If you want to know more about redesigning your existing packaging using sustainable solutions, give us a call and book a free discovery call with our design team who love a challenge!

The moral of the story is that although plastic gets such a bad press, there are certain things that need to be made from it.

However as a company we will endeavour to reduce it’s consumption as much as we where possible.

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