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We specialise in creating professional products for all of your presentation needs. From exhibitions to courses, From conferences to gifts, we have everything that you will need.
Double wine pack Tony_s20 years

Wine lovers personalised packaging

Are you looking to give an extra special touch to the next gift you give? This product was created for one of our clients who wanted to present a gift to one of their members of staff for completing 20 years in their business! Wine bottle packaging is the perfect low cost gift to give someone, especially as it can be personalised, making it all the more special.

Course material organiser

Calling all healthcare and medical suppliers, we have a wide range of packaging designed to keep educational literature organised and safe! This product is a  lovely polypropylene presentation case we created for Macmillan for delegates on their courses. Not only is it great for keeping important documents clean and safe, but it doubles up as a promotional material as well!

New Homeowner Document Organiser

With the property market booming and so many people wanting home improvements and to invest their money in property, it makes perfect sense that people will want a place to keep all of their important documents organised and accessible. This product was created for a Building company who wanted to present new homeowners with a professional filing system for organising all of their important paperwork.