Packaging Solutions

Professional & Bespoke solutions

Get inspired

If you are looking for smart and creative packaging, then look no further! We have a wide range of existing packaging solutions and a design team on hand to create something completely bespoke for you!

Takeaway packaging

If you are a takeaway company or restaurant, we’ve got what you need to transport your products and keep them all in one piece! We designed this funky packaging for a well known fast food chain to advertise a new product range they were launching. This sturdy polypropylene box not only served as promotional packaging but it also acted as a reliable food carrier for their customers!

Tool tidy

If you are a tools supplier, we can easily and effectively design packaging to help your customers organise their tools and keep them tidy! We designed and produced this polypropylene multimeter packaging for a tool retailer to keep all of the equipment together and the bright colours were designed so that customers could easily find them in and amongst their other tools!

Cupcake Transport Box

Perhaps you are a bakery or own a cake delivery service? We have created a large selection of boxes for the safe transportation of delicacies! A local bakery asked us to design some secure packaging to safely transport their cupcakes, so we came up with this cardboard box with clear plastic cupcake holders.