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Covid-19 Face Shield Protection Headband 250mym (Pack of 10)

£22.50 (excl. VAT)

SKU: CFS-250

The Face Shield Protection Headband is Ideal for Customer Facing and Personal Protection from the Coronavirus

Our face shield pack will provide effective protection against chemical spills, cuts and burns, as well as airborne viruses, such as the coronavirus.

As well as adhering to the Government guidelines for social distancing for Covid-19, these Protective Visors are a must for workers in the Community. They are intended for personal use and we recommend that you mark the strap with a permanent marker pen for identification.

The screen is made of glass clear 250mym PETG, the foam spacer is Polyurethane and strap is made from Polypropylene . All materials are recyclable.

For an alternative thicker material see product CFS-500.

The face shield visor can be washed with washing up liquid or wiped with an anti bacterial wipe, avoid abrasive sponges and cleaning solutions.

The unit comes flat from our face shield online store and is easy to assembled in under 30 seconds. The face shield headbands are comfortable to wear and can be adjusted to any head size.

One face shield pack contains 10 Protective Visors