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Pack of 3 Eco Grills – all natural Barbecue

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3 x Eco Grill – BBQ

A unique all natural disposable BBQ made from alder wood and charcoal from a sustainable source that’s easy to light and fun to use. The EcoGrill is a beautifully crafted natural product that will appeal to anyone who enjoys cooking and spending time outdoors. The EcoGrill is derived from a centuries old Nordic tradition of burning tree stumps now used for cooking, heating and smoking food. Due to its design, it maximises the use of the charcoals within it and prolongs burning time, giving around two hours cooking with an even heat and up to four hours as a camp fire. The EcoGrill is very easily lit with its own natural resin wick so there are no nasty chemical smells. For use with a wire rack to cook food, or it’s possible to heat food through a saucepan/frying pan. Best part is it’s all natural so no clearing up!

Made from:
Alder wood and alder charcoal complete with a natural vegetable oil lighting wick.

The EcoGrill is a natural product and dimensions vary:

Diameter: 20cm to 28cm

Height: 11cm

Weight: Approximately 2kg

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